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--Shipping Policies--
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Custom Orders!
In our store we offer, handmade art, household accessories, drink stirrers, serving utensils,
pipe pokers, cake testers, baking/pastry tools, hobby tools,
WE ACCEPT Requests for Custom Orders,
pie trimmers, barrettes, bobby pins,
nepenthes Alata pitcher plants,
pot aerator decoration.
We are based out of,
Melbourne Florida,
Brevard County.
We also offer smiley face hatters hats, 
multi-tools, letter openers and book marks
that can be utilized in your library office or den.
We also offer eyeball pokers, snowmen,
elf ear hats, lady bugs, mushrooms,
with brass or stainless steel solid rod.
Remarkably Multifunctional
decorative utensil,
appetizer spikes/picks.
All of our pieces are original,
one of a kind,
handmade by,
Roger K.
Hand Sculpted colored clays
with a polyester or epoxy resin
ultra clear finish
for long lasting durability.
Some pieces are selected for custom mould
made by Roger K. and cast with a polyester resin,
High grade Ultra Clear, with custom colors available.
We offer an array of tropical plants,
carnivorous plants, succulents, cacti and many others.
Through the seasons you may find in our store the following;
different types of venus flytraps, sundew,
different types of pitcher plants,
multiple varieties of tropical plants
and more.
Carnivorous Pets
are always an attraction
at any age!
We ship potted plants,
bare stalk, bare root
and cuttings.
Sphagnum moss, bamboo skewers,
humidity dome, and labeling
are some materials used in making
our Custom Packaging.
Free shipping
available on Donation items.
Thank You!
Roger K.
Poker King Pokers Are Remarkably Multifunctional!
Handmade in USA. Cake tester, drink stirrer,
appetizer spike, food decoration, pastry dough tool,
party favor, plant pot decoration, letter opener,
& more! Plastics, polyester resins, stainless steel, brass.
Many one of a kind items.
Useful art, Poker King Pokers come see us at
Florescent colors glow under black-light.
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POKER: 1) A metal rod used to POKE,
pick, stir and/or scrape with:
stir hot embers in a fire or such
2) A poker game played with cards and
normally involves gambling.

Poker King Pokers
Remarkably Multifunctional!
Poker King Pokers
have hand made
custom handles.



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1.) Pokers will be mailed with Tracking #, in 7"X4" Bubble lined Manilla Evelope.
First Class Mail 2-5 Day Delivery $3.00 ( $0.20 each additional up to 13oz.)
2.) Donation items will have a set amount for Shipping Handeling and Packaging.
Due to the low price of these donation items (it is for Donation!)
There will be No Combined shipping. This also keeps individuals from haording.
3.) Plants will normally be Shipped via Priority Mail, 1-3 or4, Day Delivery.
(Shipping Prices may vary by location and weight)
4.)Seeds will be Mailed USPS First Class Standard, 2-5 Day Delivery $3.00
     Please keep in mind shipping will be able to be viewed at check out!

Shipping Item's Variables

-Handeling Time: Will be 24hrs or less in most cases.
-Special Orders: Will be handeled accordingly
-Shipping Service: U.S.P.S. Will be the carrier.
-Payments: PayPal Will be the Secure Payment Source on Secure Website.
-Returns: 14 days money back, buyer pays return shipping, 20% restocking fee may apply
PLEASE CHECK your local weather, and all weather conditions from Brevard, County Florida
to your delivery destination as SHIPPING WILL BE SUSPENDED
during the 4-5 day shipping process. These are Exotic Tropical plants!
If you choose to order, I will send, as soon as conditions are expected to be favorable for the 4-5 day shipping period,
to your destination.
Thank You!
CP&M Custom Pokers And More! Tropical Plants and Carnivorous Plants