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-- Venus Fly Trap Instructions --
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We offer an array of tropical plants, carnivorous plants, succulents, cacti and many others. Through the seasons you may find in our store the following; different types of venus flytraps, sundew,different types of pitcher plants,multiple varieties of tropical plants and more. Carnivorous pets are always an attraction at any age! We ship potted plants, bare stalk, bare root and cuttings. Sphagnum moss, bamboo skewers, humidity dome, and labeling are some materials used in making our Custom Packaging. Free shipping NOT available on Donation items.
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Venus Fly Trap

Traps may be small now
as larger ones have been clipped
to promote more new growth.
Leave plant in pot with bamboo skewer.
Do not remove plant from pot.
Leave bamboo skewer in place
untill roots are visible from bottom of cup.
Do not attempt to transplant at this time,
or if you have purchased a cutting.
Please wait 'till roots are visible
from bottom of cup.
To water, place plant
onto saucer or plate of
uncontaminated fresh water.
Allow to soak up from bottom of plant pot.
Do NOT keep in standing water, the roots may rot.
as this will kill the poor thing!
Water with distilled water, rain water, or reverse osmosis water!
Indirect bright filtered light is best.
No direct sunlight! place near brightly lit window.
Traps will often turn black after feeding, if it does not open back up,
carefully CLIP the leaf off as low as possible.
Traps do often re-open to feed more than once.
Do NOT feed hamburger or any other meat. 
Flies, gnats, wax worms, inch worms,etc. are ok, but do not over feed.

Med. to high humidity will help this plant thrive!
If you run into troubles or have
ANY QUESTIONS feel free to contact me!
Thank You!
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Venus Flytrap Dormancy
A Perenial plant. Growing and blooming spring through summer under
natural conditions. It will die back in the fall/winter and grow back in the spring.
Indoors, or with artificial lighting, you can keep them growing and producing
traps for several years, but this will decrease the life expectancy of the plant.
In order to keep them alive for a long period of time, it must go through itís
dormancy period for at least 3 months every year.

When they die back during dormancy, they donít look all that attractive.
Many people have thrown them away thinking they are dead.
Donít make this mistake!

Some traps may turn black after feeding, this is normal. Many traps will re-open
to feed again several times...

Getting ready for next year, this plant will store itís energy in itís root system,
called a Rhizome or bulb.

Light and temperature play a big role in triggering this dormancy period.
More light and higher temps for growth, and less light will trigger dormancy.

Never let your plant get too cold.

Temperature should be between 70-100 degrees.

High humidity, if you live in the western US you will need a terrarium or dome
to keep humidity levels at a comfortable level.

Never let the plant sit in standing water unless in full sun...

Keep soil moist during dormancy, but not saturated as they may rot.

Distilled water or rain water only will be best for your plant.

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